Breeders n Keepers Vol. 2

Breeders n Keepers Vol. 2


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This second issue of Breeders 'n' Keepers is now out - and as you can see we have listened closely to your needs and have changed a few things. In this issue, Roland Lueck is going to give us a few insights into the genetics of our shrimps, and explain how shrimp-breeding works from his point of view and experience. We have also been able to chat with Bernhard Ehmer, who works in the lab of Bionic Nature, developing special feeds for shrimps. Bernhard has been keeping and feeding shrimps from the very beginning of the shrimp boom and knows a great deal about secret recipes and ingredients that are important for vital and healthy shrimps.

We also got Jared Green from Great Britain to talk about deformities increasingly occurring in Shadow and other high-bred shrimps. And of course you will find breeder interviews in this magazine too; after all, they have important to share, especially valuable for beginning shrimp-keepers.
We have also included a grade guide for you to get an overview of the grades and patterns of Shadow shrimps. We will continue this grade guide for other color variants in the next issues.

This second volume in a series of four, is with over 115 color photos and 130 pages, a wonderful treatise on those colorful critters.
The experiences of 11 different breeders/keepers is gathered in this large format (9 x 13 inches - approx. 23 cm X 33 cm) book/magazine with a sturdy soft cover.

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