Breeders n Keepers Vol. 3

Breeders n Keepers Vol. 3


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This third issue of Breeders 'n' Keepers is now out. In this issue we will talk about "Wildshrimp". For this reason Dilwyn "Silane" Tng and the author went to south-western China to search for shrimp in their natural habitat. They paid a visit to Galaxy Tigers, Blue Bees and Aura Blues.

Also in this issue, the focus lies on various diseases and other problems shrimp maybe faced within our tanks. Michael Wolfinger, who has been dealing with shrimp diseases for years, is on board this time. With his German book "Krankheiten der Suesswassergarnelen im Aquarium" (2012/Shrimp diseases in the aquarium), he has presented a long-awaited work on this subject.
Ulli Bauer and Andrea Frueh, both authors for a website specialized on parasites of Crustaceans, shed some light on unwanted co-inhabitants in our tanks in order to help the shrimping community to have as little losses as possible with the problems caused by planarians and other critters of the accompanying fauna.
Monika Poehler and Waldemar Kolecki philosophize about the trendy shrimp pattern "Skunk" and Skyfish from Taiwan.

But of course, what would an issue of Breeders and Keepers be without interviews and articles by active breeders?
We were able to talk to Manfred Reinelt about his cool creations, Florian Heidenreich presents himself and his shrimp, Marko Buschbeck tells us interesting details about his project "Super Crystal Black", and Cristian Ghia from Italy as well as Tanja Schiebel from Germany give us some insight into their breeding strategies.

This second volume in a series of four, is with over 135 color photos and 130 pages, a wonderful treatise on those colorful critters.
The experiences of 11 different breeders/keepers is gathered in this large format (9 x 13 inches - approx. 23 cm X 33 cm) book/magazine with a sturdy soft cover.

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