Soft Coral

 Soft corals are some of the most attractive corals found in the world's oceans. They are quite fascinating, taking many exotic forms and often have a very rich and colorful palette. Soft corals have all the colors of the rainbow, but their predominant hues are rust, red, orange, yellow, olive and purple.

   Like the stony corals, Soft Corals are Cnidarians, meaning stinging celled animals. The familiar aquarium soft corals belong in the Family Alcyoniidae under the Alcyonacea Order. These are considered to be the "true" soft corals, yet they are just a part of this very large group. The Alcyonacea Order itself is part of the Subclass Octocorallia, known as Octocorals, and this entire subclass is also often loosely referred to as "soft corals"