3 Live Galaxy Rasboras FreshWater Aquarium Fish


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These are an order of 3 live Galaxy Rasboras with an overnight shipping, the schooling jewels of small aquariums. A few, such as Harlequin and scissortail rasboras, get large enough for good size community tanks. Most look best in small planted aquariums and they get along with fancy shrimp and other gentle tank mates. Fish pictured here are representative of the species only. The Celestial Pearl Danio is often referred to in the aquarium trade as the Galaxy Rasbora or Microrasbora ‘Galaxy’. This is another small cyprinid from Myanmar (Burma). This is a very rare fish that was discovered in 2006, however, the species quickly blew up in the aquarium trade in 2007 where its small size and bright colors made it an instant hit. Immature fish show some indication of a striped pattern, which eventually decomposes into the pearly dots. This fish is a personal favorite of ours as these spotted fish are an incredibly aesthetically pleasing addition to most any freshwater community tank. These social creatures are great for schooling. Their bright reds juxtaposed to the black and white bodies makes them a gorgeous fish to observe. pH:6.5 – 7.5 GH: 2 – 10 Temp:71 – 82F

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