3 Pieces Mixed Ohko Dragon stone ( 2 Small & 1 Medium)

Available size, Small, Medium, large & Extra Large

  • $ 2799


Ohko stone, Aquarium Rocks (Dragon Stone) is a rock that resembles dragon scales. It typically has a greenish brown coloring and is very light weight compared to other hardscape stones.

Aquascapers say the Ohko stone is basically composed of hardened clay, which has been know to be very fragile, the cratered surface of the Ohko stone results in many mini-caves and nooks for anchoring moss and plants alike.

Ohko stones or other known as Dragon stones are increasing popular rock for aquascaping. This is due to its inert properties as well as scale-like appearance, which creates a safe haven for shrimp and other micro-organisms. It is also a very light type of rock as well as easily breakable. Why is that a good thing? Well because breaking larger dragon stones into smaller pieces can help with more creativity or different shapes that you might have not gotten from the purchase. Other stones like Seiryu stones are very difficult to break apart.

With the distinct features the dragon stones show, they are typically used in Iwagumi style aquascape to show off their beauty.

For these product listing you are buying Pre Selected stone with an estimate of Stone size, Stone shape, and look will be chosen by us. We will do the best to pick a mixture of sizes in each order. Pictures are for references only. 




Ohko stones should be pressured washed (not too strong) on all parts of the rock as well as cleaning out all debris from the crevices.

Make sure to securely place the Dragon stones within your aquarium. Rocks like these can possibly fall over and break glass if not secured properly.


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