5 Live Orange Poso Sulawesi Rabbit Snails


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Assassin Snails

do not tolerate water with high nitrate levels. Snails are very sensitive to copper, so watch out for copper if you use tap water in your tank.

Assassin snails are one of the most useful animals in the aquarium hobby. I came across them when I had snail infested tanks, but did not want to use harsh chemicals to kill the snails. I have had 30 gallon tanks that were totally overrun with unwanted MTS Snails, and my 5 "Assassins" dealt with over 100 of them within a couple weeks using no chemicals.

They are a very attractive color as well. Because of the black and yellow striping, they look fantastic on both light and dark colored substrates. Assassin snails
grow to about 2" long.

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