Aquarium CO2 Tablets

Aquarium CO2 Tablets


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Plant Series Products;

Aquarium CO2  100 tablets bottle, All aquarium plants, In Vitro Plants or Culture Tissue Plants need CO2 during the day light. Easy and convenient way to provide CO2 for your aquarium plants to thrive.

These CO2 tablets gradually dissolve in the water to release CO2 into the aquarium water.

Provides same function and effect as bottled gas CO2.  Made in Taiwan


Simply drop the CO2 tablet into the aquarium water. It may takes up to 4 - 6 hours or longer for the CO2 tablet to dissolve. Remove any tablets that not 100% dissolved.

Use 1 - 2 tablet per 8 - 10 US gallon as needed ( during the day light only ).


For freshwater aquarium use only.

Not for consumer consumption, keep away from children.

Keep at room temperature.

Do not overdose, It may harm your live stock and including your plants.

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