Bonsai Dragon Tree Driftwood Aquarium Tree for Aquascaping


  • $ 15900


•Random Pick - Pictures are just for demonstration only, each tree is handmade and unique depending on shape and size available of material driftwood. Products dimensions are approximate minus/plus in inches Create a stunning, all-natural look inside your fish tank or aquarium with an organic bonsai driftwood tree that captures the beautify of nature. Are you looking to create an aquatic environment that’s more than just plastic rocks and synthetic trees? Ready to grow a lush environment for fish and shrimp that contains natural elements that balance perfectly with one another? Then the Dragonwood - Bonsai Driftwood Aquarium Tree will make the ideal addition to your growing display. Sourced from genuine driftwood, these unique elements are placed on rocks and help balance and condition the water in the tank. Better yet, they add such a vibrant tone to your tank that they pair well with rocks, grasses, air plants, and other all-natural elements that grow lush and green! Product Details: Natural Dragonwood -Bonsai Driftwood Tree Live fish safe Contains Water Softening Tannic Acid Helps Condition and Balance pH Levels 100% Real Wood (No Chemicals) Handcrafted Artistry Easy to Setup and Maintain Safe for Shrimp and Small Fish

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