Dennerle Dosator


  • $ 1999


Automated daily fertilization for aquarium plants

For 50 to 300 liters aquarium

With the Dosator, your aquarium plants are fertilized as in nature, in that they are given a small quantity of nutrients on an ongoing basis

The dosator is specially designe for the Dennerle fertilization V30 complete and S7 VitaMix. V30 is dispensed automatically over 4 weeks; S7 over the space of 1 week.

-How it works-

The Dennerle Dosator made from high-quality plastic works according to the principle of osmosis. Water from the aquarium "seeps" through the semi-permeable special membrane into the reservoir, pushing the nutrient solution drop-by-drop via the riser into the aquarium. This has two effects: firstly the aquarium gets the amount of fertilizer it needs, and secondly: the Dosator becomes a "tank indicator": as the water enters bit by bit and pushes the fertilizer into the aquarium, the fertilizer-water mixture in the Dosator becomes increasingly clear. When the contents of the dispenser lose their color (S7 orange, V30 yellowy-green) you know it is time to fertilize.


  • Continuous, consistent supply of nutrients like in nature
  • Consistent, balanced plant growth
  • Prevents algae formation by reducing the level of nutrients
  • Optimum fertilization in the simplest way
  • Safe operation as there are no moving parts and it uses no electricity (unlike dosing pump)
  • Considerably better value for money than a dosing pump
  • Made from high-quality, durable plastic
  • Designed and made in Germany


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