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Natural driftwood for decorating freshwater aquariums,


Create a realistic environment for tropical aquarium fish and Shrimp


Great addition to Planted aquarium landscape & Aquascaping Tank

Recreate the look of natural habitats with real Malaysian Driftwood. Ruggedly beautiful driftwood is an indispensable addition to freshwater aquarium landscape. Use versatile Malaysian Driftwood to add visual interest, increase architectural structure, or to provide shelter and cover for aquarium inhabitants and Shrimp alike. Also great for freshwater planted aquariums as an attachment site for Java Moss, Anubias, Culture Tissue plants, IN Vitro Plants, for a truly nature-inspired aquarium.

Aquascaping with Malaysian Driftwood:

Malaysian Driftwood is typically used in an aquascape with incorporating other pieces of rocks like Seiryu stones, Manten stones, Ohko Stone, or River Stones. The driftwood will be positioned overtop of the rocks or in-between them; thus giving a natural biotope feel to the aquascape. Additionally, tying some aquatic plants like Anubias or ferns around the Malaysian driftwood or planting stems in the substrate will create more depth to the aquascape. Malaysian Driftwood is one of the more sought after hardscapes for aquascaping. This is due to its natural color, density, and just overall appearance in a planted tank. It also gives an organic boost to acidic pH and drops the water hardness versus using chemicals.

Please Note: Malaysian Driftwood is a natural product and size and shape of each piece is unique and will vary. . . Rinse thoroughly and soak in water at least 1 - 2 weeks to help reduce safe and natural release of organic acids that tint aquarium water,

Dimensions will also vary slightly.

Pictures are for reference only.

Small                   4" x 6"

Medium               5" x 8"

Medium/Large     7" x 10"

Large                  8" x 14".

It is important to thoroughly soak driftwood prior to placement. This helps saturate the wood, loosen debris caught in the grain, and leach out tannic acids which would otherwise discolor your water. Tannic acid, while unsightly, won't harm your tank, but it will slightly lower your pH levels, a concern among some cichlid enthusiasts.

To avoid discoloring your water, soak your driftwood for as long as possible before placement. Total submersion for 1-2 weeks is recommended, since the tannic acids take that long to completely leach out of the dense wood. Boiling your driftwood in a large stock pot for 1-2 hours prior to soaking may help shorten the required cure time down to 48-72 hours. Only use dechlorinated or RO water, and scrub the wood with an algae brush to remove excess dirt.

Monitor your soaking driftwood throughout the week, watching as the water darkens, and refresh the soak water every other day or so, until you no longer notice any discoloration for several days in a row. The driftwood is then

Using Driftwood to create "Black Water" Aquariums Some aquarists use the tannic acids in driftwood to naturally lower the pH in their tanks, and/or to create the tea-colored "black water" thought to be the preference of Amazonian Tetras like neons, cardinals, rummynoses, and Crystal Shrimp. If this is your preference, then only a short soak and scrub is necessary before adding driftwood to your aquarium.

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