SevenSeaSupply Cholla Wood Organic Natural Shrimp Aquarium Decoration


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SevenSeaSupply Cholla Wood Organic Natural Aquarium Decoration

Cholla Driftwood is the dried husk of the Cholla Cactus which is commonly used in shrimp tanks.  It provides excellent shelter for shrimp while also stimulating the growth of bio-film which provides a source of food to shrimp and baby fish.  It can also be used to attach different mosses, Marimo Balls, Buce, Anubias, or other plants to create a natural looking sunken log in your aquarium.   

Driftwood can leech tannins which can cause a slight yellow or brown tint to your water.  This is natural and the effects will reduce over time. 


Recommend to boiling the wood prior to use can decrease the tannins leeching. 

or sock in the water for 24 hours before use. It will make the wood sink.

✔ NATURAL AND SAFE --- Natural Cholla Wood is all natural, guaranteed organic, thorn-free and chemical-free. It is safe for all pets. Shrimp love them.

✔ FOR PLAYING AND HIDING --- Small shrimps, fry, and fishes enjoy swimming through and hiding in the Cholla Wood to feel safe

Package includes: 3 Cholla wood pre-cut size 2" - 3" 


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